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Survey: What if dressing rooms had hidden camera's, what would you do behind them closed doors?
what if you were being watched and you KNEW it, what would you do in that dressing room for the camera's eye only???? LMAO!
I'd take a girl in with me and give them a view to remember for a life time.
Be better if it had a mic too. hehe
What are the specific state laws regarding hidden cameras in dressing rooms?
I was in an h&m dressing room and noticed two cameras on the ceiling. This was in every dressing room. This was in a NY shop. I was really disturbed and would like to know the laws concerning cameras in dressing rooms. Thank you.


Tuesday, June 24th 2003, 7:19AM

It's reality TV that doesn't amount to ratings - just a felony on the rap sheet.

Video voyeurs caught filming or photographing unsuspecting victims can land behind bars for up to seven years under the new Stephanie's Law, signed yesterday by Gov. Pataki.

The law - which bolsters a ban of on-the-sly filmmaking for sexual gratification - is named for Stephanie Fuller, whose Bay Shore, L.I., landlord stuck a tiny camera inside her bedroom's smoke detector.

The landlord, William Schultz, 54, was fined and put on probation for violating Fuller's privacy - but the new law could get similar offenders hard time and land them on a registry of sex offenders.

"That person is not just a creep and a weird individual," Pataki said. "As of today, that person will be a felon and a criminal in New York State."
When in a public bathroom or a dressing room, does the thought that there may be a hidden camera ever cross ur?
yeah, I've thought of that many times. I always check the mirrors to make sure they aren't the two way mirror.
When in a dressing room, do you check around for hidden cameras....?
....and if you find one, do you pose ?
Yeah, I'm paranoid to the point of covering the mirrors while I change.
Are there hidden camera's in store dressing rooms?
If so...how do you get that job of monitoring them
he question of security in dressing rooms has been a sticky one for some time. For the most part, the law seeks to ensure that stores are protected by allowing them some security over their merchandise, but without intruding on the privacy of their customers. It is in fact legal for stores to monitor dressing rooms, but they must do so in a way that does not invade your personal rights.

Normally in order to be legal, a store must do the following:

1) use same-sex personnel to monitor their customers (women monitor the women's dressing rooms and men monitor men's dressing rooms); and,

2) the security systems need to be 'tapeless', meaning that the person watching through the camera can see what's going on, but can not keep a tape of what they're viewing.

This tends to strike a fairly good balance between protection of merchandise and protecting your privacy.

While there did seem to be a trend toward camera-based monitoring a few years ago, this has seemed to have slowed. With the advent of security devices on the clothes themselves, stores have been less inclined to look into dressing rooms.

If you're ever concerned about how you are being monitored, ask a store employee to tell you who is monitoring the camera and whether they are keeping tapes. If the store won't disclose its methods, or they seem to be monitoring in a manner that you are uncomfortable with, take your money somewhere else. Losing your business often speaks louder than words.
Is it true that Walmart has hidden cameras in they're dressing rooms?
Isn't that illegal?
ive never been to walmart but i always see there commercials umm
i idkk
it is illegal its invasion of privacy
and hmmmm idkk maybe??
ppl do steel
idk maybe not directly in the dressing room but out side of it
Which 37 states allow cameras in bathrooms and dressing rooms?
I just found this out here.
"It’s legal in 37 states to have hidden cameras in Bathrooms and dressing rooms."
Does anyone know what states they are? This is creepy!
Just because HE said it, doesn't mean it is true. People say lots of things...doesn't mean any of them are true. And he isn't exactly the most reputable of sources.

And by the way, even if it is "true", it may be an old law on the books and no longer practiced...because I think that if a company did record someone semi-naked trying on clothes and some employee copied those picture or even put them up on the internet for all to see....well that has humongous bad publicity, lawsuit and bankruptcy written all over it!
There was a Camera found in the womens bathroom @ my school, they put it in the soap box....?
Do you think there are a lot of hidden cameras in dressing rooms/ bathrooms?
some gas stations have one-way mirrors... if you ever see a full length mirror in a ladie's room, look carefully. might be able to catch someone watching YOU from the other side!
Do kohl's have cameras that peek inside the dressing rooms?
I was shopping at kohl’s today and was trying on clothes in the dressing room. All the dressing rooms walls go all the way up to the ceiling besides the door part. Above the door is a big square chunk that’s not covered by anything, all you can see out of it is the ceiling light. Well, I have a little phobia of hidden cameras so I decided to look around. And sure enough I found one inside the ceiling light. It was outside the dressing room but pointing in. The weird thing is, is that it was the only dressing room with a camera facing inside it. I then read the papers on the door seeing if it mentioned anything. So this is what it stated, “the dressing rooms are supervised by a female security offer to prevent shoplifting.”
I walked out of the changing room and went into another one, but this time one without a camera. I read the paper slips on the 2nd rooms door, and guess what it never mentioned anything about a camera!
I’m 17 an not to keen on having cameras watching me undress, and I wasn’t even sure whether its legal or not.
I am a Loss Prevention Supervisor for Kohl's and you might want to let management at that store know immediately because that's against the law and store policy. I have been at Kohl's for a while and never seen a sign like that. If you go back ask for the DLPM information for that store he/she would be able to help.

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