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Whats a good teen model site?
im looking for a model site with girls around 13+ and non nude in underwear and stuff, also is it normal for me to want to look at girls my age im 14, and have recently started likeing girls to so i guess im bi curious
try model one
Teen girls: if you had all it takes would you want to be a model who exposes herself after age 18?
i mean would you have the guts to be a model who is able to wear the sexiest outfits and very revealing things, and very tiny pieces and pose sexy. not only innocent swimsuits and underwear.

me, i would definitely not. if i was as pretty as a model and i could be a model i still wouldn't because i think posing to a camera and being so exposed near strangers most of the time isn't for me and isn't who i am. even if it sometimes seems glamorous and fun i wouldn't do it.

but i was wondering how t is for other girls and if they would agree on being that kind of model?
I think it's weird.Random guys are jacking off to your image isn't that a tad creepy. Personally i would never i would feel too exposed and also if my family saw i would be dead.
Am I a Pedophile? ( long read)?
I apologize for the long post but please bear with me.
Ever since I was little I have always been a very sexual guy. I remember staring at women and getting erections since the age of 5 and whatnot. I always thought it was my countries TV( I grew up in Brazil).
When I was about 5, I got curious and asked my 3-4 year-old female cousin to take off her clothes because I was a curious and stupid guy ( I didn't even know Vagina's existed). I didn't have the intention of doing anything besides looking and touching and I also had no clue what sex was, also my mother walked in and I cried and was embarrassed.
Later when I was 14-15, I was in Brazil , visiting and I ended up very alone and isolated since I had not been in the country for a long time. Long story short I felt my 13 year old cousin's breast (she took it as a joke and play) and considered going through her underwear drawer. I also at one point had sexual thoughts about one of my aunts...
Later when I was 17-18, I had a fetish for petite women, still do, and I was on a image board and got linked to a site with teen models. Non nude pictures of teenage models. I masturbated to girls as young as 13. I realized it was wrong and have not done it since then. I have a steady girl friend and we have discussed this and she says that I'm different person and although I believe that, I feel immense guilt and shame.

I just want to know if I was just being impulsive or if I'm messed up or whatever. I despise pedophiles, they harm the defenseless and can cause those who they harm to perpetrate on others. I'd hate to be one of them...
Checking out your cousin when you were 5 is just natural curiosity, they use to call it playing doctor, I am going to get flamed for saying this but I think it is a natural thing for guys to do. I cannot imagine a time in history where it would not have happened between boys and girls. Again feeling up your 13 yr old cousin may not be something you want to put on your business card but I doubt any harm done to either of you. ( some sobbing drama queens gonna make her appearance to counter that one, you just watch)

Girls attractiveness starts to show to Men when they are around 13-14 if any heterosexual man says different he is a liar, History is filled with teenage wives. None the less it is frowned upon and against the law to act on these impulses so you might watch yourself on that one.

Your pretty normal by my standards sexually so I would imagine your depression and anxiety stems from something else but I think your guilt is genuine, even though you have nothing to feel guilty for.
Is anyone else outraged with the messages the media and the fashion industry send to girls?
I just went shopping the other day. I look just like any other normal teen: 5'3, 105 pounds and like nice, comfortable clothes that look good! Every store I went into and every store I passed were filled with shirts made for girls and women who are long and lean like models, and were extremely low cut. Same with the jeans, every fit was made to rise so low that anyone could plainly see what kind of bikini underwear I was wearing! Plus everything has a slim, skin tight cut! Sure, those things look nice on the 3% of girls who are built like super models, but what about the rest of us who are built like actual women, I mean "real women have curves" don't they? I have nothing to be ashamed about my body. I am fit and healthy, I run track and train for classical ballet. I left the mall with extremely low self confidence thinking that everything I tried on looked bad. I caught myself realizing I was falling into the trap that the American media and fashion industry set up.
The underlying message is that females are only useful as sex objects.
Anyone with a brain should be offended.
Is It Gay If i model this stuff.....?
I'm a 6' 175 pound teen model and im tan and have a 6 pack.
Does it make me gay if i model Briefs, Speedos, and other underwear even tho i don't wear them normally....
also they want me to model male this gay and should i.
Im also captain of the football, basketball, and baseball team, and am with girls all the time so im not gay. Please only serious answers
Joseph, to be gay would mean that you are sexually attracted to males. The type of clothing you choose to wear (outer or underwear) has nothing to do with sexual attraction. Do you fantasize about having romantic encounters with other guys? Do you find yourself drawn to other guys who you know socially? If you desperately desire to have sexual relations with other guys, then, yes, you're gay.

Modeling does not mean you're gay!
How do I talk to my husband so that he'll see my valid point of view?
I've tried talking to my husband until I'm blue in the face. I start out calm and try to bring up valid points but when he thinks I'm crazy or have right to think that then i get an attitude, not angrily yelling but I get this tine to my voice. Because of being on work release from jail the only place that would hire him was fast food places. I've worked in it b4 but he hasnt and the thrill of being around youth again makes him feel younger. He is 30 and says he still is young. Well yes he is kinda young still but not young enough to be hanging out drinking with 20 year olds and being flirted with by 16 year old girls when he has a wife and two guys. He thinks I'm absurd when I think it is inappropriate for him to wear "wife beaters"/white almost see through low cut tanks at work in front of these hormonal teenage girls (who he tells me talk about sex alot) and have a crush on him (he looks like an underwear model). I think these girls get a thrill/rush out of flirting with him to make themselves feel better about themselves thinking that he thinks they/she is more attractive to him than I am, I'm come on I used to be 16 too. This happens in front of me and when I tell him it makes me uncomfortable he says he's not apologizing for something he didn't do wrong. Right now the only thing I can think of for him to understand my point would to make him feel the same way i do but i could never bring myself to do that to him and not to mention it is wrong. Also one more little note, he thinks it is inappropriate for me to wear yoga pants to work (I have a liad back dress code at the call center I work at) because he knows how guys think. So then don't I have a valid point about his attire since I know what turns girls on? Him being around flirty teens rubs me the wrong way. How can I get him to see it that way and not as an attack?
It sounds like the likes pushing your buttons, and he knows how to.

I don't think he will change.

Only you can change - chang how you react to it. Maybe he will stop ?

Kitty-model, check the website, is it illegal?
well, i just got this new kitten and it's sooooo adorable, so i was looking for some kitty modeling websites to trry and get my kitty into modeling for like calenders and stuff. So i went to google and typed in kitty model, so then i clicked on the first website that came up. Turned out it had a whole bunch of like little pre-teen girls(10-14) trying to pose seductivly in their little guydy underwear!!! I was sooo disgusted and I want to know if that website is illegal cuz it doesnt seem like little 11 year old girls should be posing for camera's trying to like turn on the viewer! it's terrible
sounds like little girls trying to sell their bodies on the internet.
When you see pictures of miley cyrus like these ones, what do you think?……

I think if she is going to be a role model to young girls. She shouldn't dress this way and post pictures of them on the internet. Yes alot of girls do this. And alot of you are probably thinking who cares. But she is a 16 year old singer who is being a role model to alot of young girls and teens out there. Im 15 and i am a miley cyrus fan. But when i seen these photo's im like you slut! She is changing.
Yeah i hate how she tries to say "I'm a teenage girl who still growing up. I'm gonna make mistakes".
Ugh, she's been in the public-eye for like 4 years now. She should know that any pictures she takes are gonna be seen by the world. So she simply shouldn't do stupid stuff like this.

I also, think she's trashy, dumb and should act her age!
I was wondering what I should major in college and here are my skills?
my skills are
One is art. I like to sketch so I can build models. As a guy and teen I practiced wearing disguises and that is how I did some major cop out work. I wasn't the cop though, I just helped lives. One time I dressed as a gangster and went to my friend's house where her friend was sold drugs aimlessly and he stole my money. He went to jail after that for selling drugs. He acted like my best friend that night.. and acted like I was ho' best friend.
I had on like a disguise in front of these guys and later on in life they go to jail for rape or theft. So I don't know what that proves but one only ever talked to me nice with my disguise on, and when he saw me at the mall in my regular clothing he made fun of me nowhe is in jail and waiting for a rape trial.

One time this girl that used to nag me invited me over. We never hung out before. She only ever saw me in my disguises at school. I did not go to her house in my disguises. She immediately got bossy. Yelled at me not to tell her boyfriend what she did. Her house was a hoarder mess. Figures I got to know her a little closer to see that she spends all of her money on alcohol and never picks up after herself. I slept over; 5 o clock in the morning I got up just to clean it. She had no working vaccum, no mop so I got on my hands and knees with a toy bucket and rag. The yellow went from sticky & brown to yellow; the blue went from dark grey to blue. She had decided to get drunk and spill a drink all over the floor as well as herself that night. I cleaned her toilet, half asleep, because there was brown all over. There were strange messes all over her kitchen that I cleaned up. She hadn't cleaned for days; I was there the whole time. Um I started putting all of her stuff away, dishes, make up left on top of the entertainment center, random garbage everywhere, shoes in odd places and never together, clothing scattered in strange places; nothing was in contrast, in order visible to light that you would see just looking around. She had a closet filled as high as my waste. I organized the whole thing and turned it actually into a closet with all the clothing on hangers, picked out the clean from the dirty, found dog **** stuck and twisted in the clothing at the bottom, shoes, bras, underwear, swimsuits, suitcases from last years summer trip and the crunched up beach clothing, um randomn things all over the floor, guys play clothing with old stains.. Just all this big pile of stuff clean and dirty all crambed together. I went outside of her apartment into the hallway and swept frantically to get all the dirt and crumbs out of the carpet so there was room to walk. Goopy toothpaste out on her bathroom vanity, the door of the mirror always cracked open, her makeup would smear all over the vanity, strange stains.. never cleaned.I did find a scrub brush in the closet that I used with dish soap. She blamed me for staining a spot of her carpet white. She would talk about killing her father and she would go in the bathtub with her guy's clothing from 2 months ago still in it, the bathtub she never cleaned... and lay in the water! Her guys birthday party table was still out with huge messes from like a month prior. It was always that way for a whole 2 years that I barely visited.
She called me to babysit as an emergency. I never babysat 2 little babies before. . I found rooms full of smelly toys that covered the floor.. There was a razor under the rubbage. The guy cried for his mom. He called me "mom". He tried to bite the girl. I lifted them in a big flat sturdy toy bag bin type of thing like a crane machine and they laughed. Then the guy cried.. He would not leave the girl's bedroom. They both kept climbing on the bed to the window sill and scared me half to death so I would pull them both off one at a time and keep doing this. I had surgery so I was trying my best. I finally got him to stop criyng by putting a tinkerbell guy's beanie on my head and rolling my head around like a noodle bot . He went with me into the next room after that. I don't know what I was doing. The guys wanted to just mess everything and they looked like they weren't doing good with the curse head cigarette butt mom who just smoked right in front of them. She spanks her daughter for trying to run around naked; that is while both thier socks are black at the bottom.
I went to babysit another day. This guy as I witnessed watched hours of television in front of her mother and knew how to work the whole contraption to make the video play on the screen. She was in her television mode when I got over.. I made her watch her toys, if she wanted to draw it was okay but to watch over her toys at least. She leaves her toys everywhere and makes big messes. So she decided to color with me. Then we ate.. kind of. She sat there and didn't want to eat even though I used her cups that changed color.
Alright, here is an excerpt from something I'm writing. Tell me what you think and if you'd read it.?
The day started out cloudy and grim as Walter walked with his fellow inmates to cellblock 3A, for the younger “adults” of the prison. Washington D.C. fared well for Walter’s friend, Herby Forestall, a man charged with tax swindle and theft leading him to ten years in prison. Walter was only there for four years of that time and he was on his third year now.
“Wally, come ‘ere.” Herby said in his heavy southern drawl. Walter matched strides with him, knowing full well the guards were aware that they were acquaintances.
Herby was twenty-one when he came, he’s now twenty-seven but is still anxious for his next four years. He’d come from Texas to join in a huge money theft from Bank of America, that was then… this is now.
“You need some grub to fatten you up. Ya’ll skinny ‘uns are gonna die of malnutrition.” Herby said with a laugh. All the boys around them looked glaringly at Herby and tried hard to ignore his snarky comments. Walter had grown to the references to his slenderness; he’d been starving himself the first few months but gladly gave up when Herby gave him some extra oatmeal. He ate right from then on out but couldn’t quite gain back the muscle or bulk that had once been Walter Greene, expert thief and swindler, guilty of over thirty robberies, and accidentally hit a woman with his pickup, killing her. Three parts fool, one part idiot.
“Thanks Herbs.” Walter said while fading back into his spot in line. Chucky Hopedale, a known murderer was crossing the hall on Walter’s left when Chuck called out in a singsong voice, “Hey hombre! Whatcha doin’ with Mista Spice? You gonna be rubbed?” He cackled.
Many of the inmates thought him loony; Walter knew it was one big act. Supposedly the guards knew too, he’d be in a mental institution already if it were true.
“Keep walkin’ fellas. You’ve gotta long day ahead of ya.” A guard called from behind them. The younger boys like Walter raised their eyebrows and awaited what would be their “long day”.

1. Clarabelle Graves & Max Pennington

“Omigosh! MAXY! Look! It’s the prom dress that I wanted from the catalogue! Aren’t I lucky?!” Clarabelle screeched as the fingered the black halter top dress. Max Pennington nibbled on a hangnail and swung her feet carelessly off a bench in the middle of Dillard’s. (Why someone put a bench here she had no idea.)
“Amazing Clara, go try it on.” Max was in no mood to act all prissy with her best friend. She had a date (Clara that is) to the prom and Max was just dumped by hers for a “more emotional woman” not a “cold hearted fool”. Whatever.
“’Kay! Let me know what you think!” Clara said while skipping, yes, skipping to the changing room. Max rolled her eyes. The clerk was obviously impressed with Clara’s enthusiasm for the hideous dress so she followed her back to the dressing rooms and was all cheery and “My name is Becky and I’m happy to help you darling!” Again, Max rolled her eyes.
Someone, make that some ones, were walking up and down the main isles of Dillard’s talking in loud scruffy voices behind Max suddenly. She turned to look displeasingly at the crowd but gwaffed instead.
The troop was decked out in orange suits from the prison and were fingering the lacy underwear, giggling like middle school boys. They all looked young but choice few were extremely dangerous looking and they seemed to be ignoring the younger inmates. Max breathed deeply, knowing that it was probably a bad idea to be sitting on the bench right in front of boy-cuts and lingerie.
Relax you stupid girl, they have guards and they aren’t going to make you model for them. Shut up and wait for Clara to hurry up. The voice in her head commanded. She nodded to herself.
“OH MY GOSH!” Some girl screamed from the teen’s department. She craned her neck to get a glimpse of the raving lunatic running towards a guy probably nineteen with black hair and blue eyes. Scrawny thing, he was. He looked startled since he was on another bench (again, she didn’t know why it was there) where he was reading a book of some sort. He mouthed her name as a question, Carrie? And then ran for cover towards Max.
“What the crap?” She whispered as he looked pleadingly at her and then sat down next to her quickly. Using her purse and jacket to camouflage himself. It didn’t work. Duh.
“Oh, baby! I thought you weren’t in D.C. anymore! Baby?” Carrie, or something looked deviously at the guy and he was grimacing openly. Obviously disgusted. Max looked between the two and wondered what type of fling would have this girl in a knot for an inmate, still.
“Carrie.” The guy regarded her in an impish voice. Max nearly choked on her gum when the girl straddled him and playfully nibbled his lips. Ugh, Max was having enough of this.
“Get a room, some of us just wanna relax not be supplied with a porn show.” Max glared at them in turn and the guy blushed to his hairline.
“Girl, I don’t think you know who you’re talking to.” The girl said defensively. Ah, this was where Max was best.
“Actually I think I do. Carrie Hawthorne, class president of Lincoln Heights senior class, gangster’s girlfriend wannabe, getting it on with seven guys at once; it gets around, and apparently not a very good role model for your broadcasting father.” She grinned and crossed her arms as both of them, stared slack-jawed at her.
“Wow.” Was all the guy had to say as he hesitantly pushed Carrie off him.
“Do I, like, know you? Do you go to my school?” Carrie asked bewildered.
“Nope, and I think you might wanna talk with your new boyfriend, you know, Paul? Yeah, he still needs to give me back my Redskins sweatshirt.” Carried gulped at Max’s comment and fled.
“Paul?” The guy said.
“Ex-boyfriend of two hours. Oh, and your welcome Walter Greene.” Max stood up with a smirk on her face and looked at the other inmates who were gaping at her much like Walter. She walked off towards the dressing rooms in search of Clara still thinking about that hideous halter top dress.
Some things you explain too much at once in too much detail-- the exact nature of each crime is just thrown away. Is it important to the story later? If not, leave it out. Do we need to know how many years someone has left to serve? And at 27, Walter is an adult, not a guy. You make him sound like a teen, then tell us he's not. Unless you meant Herby was 27 but if he's been there three years and came in at 21, then the math's wrong somewhere.

Work on your dialect. If you're not sure about how a southern accent sounds, just spell the words normally and note it's a southern accent.

You have an interesting imagination. You need to practice some more and read a lot but if you stick with it you might have a good story.

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